WoodPall - The best wooden pallets.

WoodPall is a manufacturer of wooden pallets.
We provide high-quality and cost-effective pallets tailored to your business needs.

About Us

WoodPall is a Polish manufacturer of disposable wooden pallets.
We are commited to providing the best pallets tailored to your business needs.
Our production facility is capable of assembling pallets in any size, customized to your exact requirements.
Our experience and know-how allows us to provide the highest quality at low cost.

Please contact us today to find out how we can satisfy your pallet needs.


We supply pallets to clients from various industries in Denmark and in Poland: manufacturing, food processing, transport and logistics.


Phone: 0048 660 906 480 (polish, english, french)

Mail: info@woodpall.com (polish, danish, english, french).